Smart Card API (Professional) - .NET Smart Card Framework SDK for C#, VB.NET, Visual Studio
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The CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) edition implements the powerful SmartCard API Framework that supports accessing smart card readers through the Windows native PC/SC Workgroup API (WinSCard) and the CT-API for German health insurance card. It supports smart cards and storage cards cards such as

Note that memory cards on older card readers may require a vendor proprietary reader API. Sometimes this is exposed through CT-API. We provide some adapters for those proprietary APIs. However, the industry is moving away from this approach. We therefore don't recommend this approach unless you have a madatory requirement for it.

Also note, that synchronous cards (storage cards, memory cards) on HID OMNIKEY readers such as OMNIKEY 3021 and OMNIKEY 3121 are supported via CardWerk.SmartCardAPI.MemoryCard.dll module on top of our SmartCardAPI PC/SC adapter.

The only relevant SmartCardAPI adapter for new implementations is the PC/SC (Winscard) adapter. It provides card and reader tracking events - a feature that is not available on PC/SC level.

SmartCardAPI(professional) is a powerful yet easy-to-use .NET smart card framework that can easily be adapted to any reader/card system.

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) Development Kit may be used free of charge for evaluation purposes, for purely private use, and for non-commercial educational use. A license must be purchased only for commercial use or for redistribution of the runtime files.

The following figure provides an overview of the general architecture of the Subsembly SmartCard API (Professional) Framework:

Key Features

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) was derived from the OpenCard Framework a framework once popular in the JavaCard world. Compared to the OpenCard Framework, the programming interfaces have been completely revised and are much cleaner and easier to use. In addition to the PC/SC Workgroup API, the CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) also supports the CT-API, which is very common in Germany. For maximum security a secure PIN entry on card readers with incorporated PIN pad is supported.

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) software development kit (SDK) includes extensive documentation in MSDN help format and many sample applications with reusable source code that gets you started quickly. All documentation is in English.

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) can be used from all .NET programming languages such as Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET), C#, J#, and Managed C++.

We are constanly improving SmartCard API and would be happy to accommodate your requirements to support additional cards and third-party PC/SC-based smart card reader APIs. Contact us for HID iCLASS contactless card, HID PROX card support on OMNIKEY card readers as well as US Government CAC or PIV card integration.

Buying a commercial license of the CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) edition entitles you to redistribute the binary CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) assembly to your customers without paying any additional royalties.

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