PACSprobe Access Card Utility based on SmartCardAPI Library

If you have a smart card reader and card you can get a quick look to see SmartCardAPI at work .

We published an application, PACSprobe to read HID Prox and iCLASS card numbers on OMNIKEY readers. PACSprobe reads a card's ATR. If it detects a contactless card such as Mifare Classic or any other NFC tag, PACSprobe shows its UID. So in this send it is a great tool for a quick system check because itwill tell you right away if it can detect a reader and card. 

SmartCardAPI (professional) does a great job analyzing card and reader type. It supports OMNIKEY 5021, 5022, 5121, 5421, 5025, 5125, 5325, 5127 CK and 5427 CK. Note that iCLASS libraries are not part of our standard trial. They are only available upon request. So PACSprobe provides a great way to kick the tires and find out how seamless an integration can work, even if sophisticate mutual authentication with a reader system and encrypted communication over secure channels, protected under a session key is at work. 

Please have a look at our dedicated PACSProbe site for further info.