PACSprobe - Reading Card Numbers Made Easy

Access control installers love this access card utility for HID PROX (125kHz) and iCLASS (13.56MHz) cards. It can be configured to support any HID card format and supports all HID OMNIKEY desktop readers. It is so easy to use … it doesn’t even have an “easy button”. Maintenance guys use it just to check if a HID key fob is still working because they don’t always have a door reader handy to test cards.

Minimum Requirements

  • HID OMNIKEY PROX or Contactless reader with latest driver
  • genuine HID PROX (125 KHz) or iCLASS (13.56 MHz) card or fob
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (note: x86 and x64 are supported)
  • .NET 4

Please have a look at our dedicated PACSProbe site for further info. That site also provides a download link.