Frequently asked Questions


Q: Is your license on a per-developer basis?
A: Yes for single user license each developer must obtain a license. With this license, the developer can install on a primary machine and a portable/laptop. With (multi-user + source) license there is no limit to the number of developers/machine inside your company where you can distribute the product.

Q: Do I have to pay you royalties?
A: No. CardWerk does not charge any royalties for redistribution of software distributed with SmartCardAPI assemblies and software components.

Q: Can we distribute or disclose source code received under source code license?
A: No. Source code is meant for the licensee only. Note that binaries created with modified code shall be obfuscated. 

Q: Can I install the product on the build server?
A: Yes. You can install the product in your build server and use your license if you are the only user that have access to the build. If you have many developers that use the build server, you need to have the Company license to cover all the developers accessing the build server.

Q: Can I install the product on 2 machines (I’m running a desktop in the office, have a laptop at home)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I continue to use SmartCardAPI assemblies if the subscription expires and I choose not to renew?
A: Yes. You can continue to use  SmartCardAPI assemblies which you have licensed and paid for as long as you require. When a subscription expires, it simply means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases.
An expired subscription can be renewed for 25% of full license. If you do not renew your subscription on the 13th month after purchase, your renewal cost will increase on a monthly basis (by 10% of 12-month renewal cost).

Q: I have purchased the SmartCardAPI(Professional) license. Can I upgrade to  another edition?
A: Yes. You can upgrade your existing license by paying the difference between the price of the license you own and the price of the new license. In this case the product maintenance period will not be changed.

Q: Do you offer discounts on any of your licenses?
A: Yes. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple single user licenses. Please contact us to ask for favorable terms in case of multiple license purchases.