HID Proximity (PROX) card number

HID Prox card number access made easy using SmartCardAPI (pro).

  • Wiegand data parser
  • card number (CN) or facility code (FC) extracted according to card format
  • HID PROX card access via Visual Studio .NET-based managed code
  • sample code in C# and  VB.NET

No need to sift through HID PROX card and HID OMNIKEY proximity card reader documentation. Nor do you need to look into PC/SC documentation of unmanaged code, write a winscard wrapper in C# or VB.NET etc.

Some readers return Wiegand data via ATR, others via UID, and there are also readers that require proprietary commands.

By the time you are done a week of development time can easily be gone.

Thanks to CardWerk SmartCard API, reading the HID PROX Card Number is quite easy. The sample code shows how to read 26-bit Wiegand data or any other standard HID prox card format. Wiegand data is parsed according to known standard HID Wiegand card formats.

All you need is SmartCard-API and a few of lines of code read a card number or facility code. This means that you can generate the same Wiegand data, card number and facility code on your desktop system as it is being used in the physical access control panel. Now you can do more with your PROX card than opening doors.

SmartCard API provides you with easy-to-use methods to extract data items such as Facility Code and Card Number.

We have prepared sample code to demonstrate this. It is work in progress. However as we think that this code can be very helpful, we wrapped it in HelloWorld-style sample code. Pre-release updates might become available outside the standard SDK setup. 

And in case you would like to see the library at work without any coding, download our ready-to-use HID PROX & iCLASS test tool PACSprobe for Windows. It is available at PACSprobe.com and is based on the same libraries used for HelloProx and HelloICLASS.  However, you don’t need to build the executable first. It is the ideal utility for a quick, free PROX card test just to see if your HID Prox card can be detected. The program calculates the PROX card number applying some known Wiegand encoding formats and supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems. 32-bit and x64 versions of Windows are supported.

Key Features of HelloProx Sample Code

  • Reads HID PROX card’s card number
  • Supported HID OMNIKEY PROX card readers: OMNIKEY 5025, OMNIKEY 5125, OMNIKEY 5125, OMNIKEY 5127, OMNIKEY 5427 CK, OMNIKIEY 5325 and OMNIKEY 5326 DFR
  • Supported HID Proximity card formats: 
    HID H10301 26 bit Wiegand open card format with facility code and card number 
    HID H10302 37 bit Wiegand format without facility code
    HID H10304 37 bit Wiegand format with facility code
    HID H10320 37 bit clock and data format
    HID Corporate 1000 35 bit and 48 bit Wiegand format for HID PROX cards with unique Company ID code and Card Number
  • Tracks card events i.e. detects card insertion/removal
  • C# sample code, supports all .NET programming languages including Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET),Visual C#, Visual J#, and Managed C++.

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • SmartCard-API (Professional) version or later
  • HID OMNIKEY PROX or dual frequency reader with latest driver
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (note: x86 and x64 are supported)
  • .NET Framework 4.x.

Buying a software license of the CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) edition entitles you to redistribute the binary CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) assembly to your customers at an incredible ROI.

SmartCard API reads HID PROX card number and facility code