SmartCardAPI - royalty free deployment

Deploy your smart card software without any royalty fees for SmartCardAPI binaries. With the purchase of a SmartCardAPI license comes  one year of product maintenance that includes free product updates  – major and minor release updates –  and technical support  for 12 months ! Smart Card API licenses  are non-transferable.

We offer two SmartCardAPI licenses, Professional and Enterprise. Professional is good for most cases. Enterprise is for developer teams and also includes source code of the core  DLL  “smartcard.dll”.  

  • SDK with C# and VB.NET sample code some popular cards
  • for Windows 7, 10 (contact us for other versions)
  • deploy your software with SmartCardAPI binaries – royalty free –
  • one year subscription of product upgrades and priority technical support
  • license subscription can be extended by 12 months while active

 Instant delivery: After completing the order form and payment was verified you will immediately get a download link and receive a confirmation email for the purchased, licensed product.

Smart Card API (Professional)

for roaylty-free runtime distribution
$ 249
  • one developer
  • binaries only

Smart Card API (Enterprise)

professional license for multiple developers + source code
$ 998
  • multiple developers (in one company)
  • binaries and source code (smartcard.dll only) included

Please read before ordering a license!​​

  • Try before you buy. A free trial download is available to test all available SmartCardAPI features.
  • Orders are processed vial secure SSL encrypted payment. 
  • Check your browser: there must be a pad lock followed by a  https://smartcard-api/ address 
  • Prices are given in US$ excluding applicable taxes.
  • Local sales tax may be added.
  • Local prices depend on the currency exchange rate. International processing fees may apply.
  • After successful completion of the order process you will receive a secure download link for the purchased productf

SmartCardAPI updates for 12 months

First of all – product maintenance license is optional. You can use SmartCard API with your software without royalties – for as long as you want. However, we constantly improve SmartCardAPI, support more readers/cards  and test on new OS versions .  As little as $60/year ensures that your smart card software is always up to date. 

Product maintenance renewal ensures that you always have the most current software release during the term of your subscription. This guarantees that you’ll receive new features and bug fixes when they’re released. This is reserved only for users who already own a license for at least one year and who wish to continue to receive product updates.

Choose your present license edition that you want to renew:

Professional Maintenance License

12-months updates and priority support
$ 60
  • access to product updates (binaries)
  • priority technical support

Enterprise Maintenance License

12-months updates and priority support
$ 250
  • access to product updates (source and binaries)
  • priority technical support

Note that the initial purchase of SmartCardAPI Professional or Enterprise already contains 12-months maintenance (updates and support) 

Taxes, Active License, Software Download​

All CardWerk smart card software prices are given in US$ excluding applicable taxes. Exact details are provided in the shopping cart, before the order is completed.

After successful completion of the order process and payment transaction we will get an immediate confirmation and an email containing a download link for the purchased product. Renewal license orders may require additional verification process to ensure you have an active license. 

Of course, distribution of SmartCardAPI assemblies with your software product is always royalty free once you purchased a SmartCardAPI license – regardless of any future license renewal.