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Free download of SmartCardAPI trial is made available for evaluation purposes and personal use. CardWerk SmartCard API is not a free product. It is not permitted to use Evaluation Versions for any commercial purposes. 

Current Version

CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) SDK rev (07JUL2023)

The download includes C# and VB.NET code examples for contact card and contactless card systems.

This includes sample code for NXP Mifare Classic, NXP DESFire EV1/EV2/EV3, HID Prox, HID iCLASS,  HID SEOS, PIV card, CAC, KSK, eGK, SLE4442, AT24SCxx , NFC tags and many more cards. 

SmartCardAPI is available from our secure website. 

Sample projects can be loaded with Visual Studio. Your smart card integration starts here. 

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Trial downloads are only for evaluation purposes or strictly personal use.

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Smart Card Sample Projects

The following samples are available and part of the trial download. Note that you can use SmartCardAPI for any contact, contactless or PROX card supported by aPC/SC compliant card  reader.

We provide these samples as is. The core product is SmartCardAPI. Additional software modules are provided for your cenvenience without any claim to be a full implementation of the targeted card edge interface. You are welcome to use those modules at no additional charge.

CAC: C# Sample code for U.S. DoD Common Access Cards (CAC)

HelloCard: console and GUI versions: Sample code for contact cards and contactless cards. Detects storage cards on PC/SC Part 3 compliant card readers VB.NET and C#

HelloCard.VB: VB.NET console and GUI versions: sample code for contact cards and contactless cards. Very Easy to use.  Event handlers for card insertion/removal and lost/found card readers. 

HID iCLASS: (available upon request) C# sample code for HID iCLASS cards on OMNIKEY 5×21,5022, 5422, 5023, and 5127, 5427 CK readers. 

HID SEOS: (available upon request) C# sample code for HID SEOS cards on OMNIKEY 5023, 5127,  and 5427 CK readers. 

NXP Mifare Classic: C# sample code for NXP Mifare Classic contactless storage cards. Read, Write, LoadKey, General Authenticate via PC/SC 2.01 part3 compliant card edge.

NXP DESFire EV1: C# sample code for NXP Mifare DESFire EV1 contactless cards. 

MemoryCard: C# sample code for SLE4442, AT24SCxx and similar synchronous storage cards on OMNIKEY contact card readers (Xchip and Aviator support)

NfcTag: C# sample code for NXP Mifare Ultralight, NTAG contactless storage cards. Read, Write, LoadKey, General Authenticate via PC/SC 2.01 part3 compliant card edge. 

HID ProxCard: C# sample code for HID Proximity (PROX,) 125 kHz cards – Displays HID PROX Card Number and facility code shown with 26 bit, 32 bit, 35 bit and 37 bit Wiegand code formats for HID Global proximity cards including H10301,H10302,H10304,H10320 and Corporate 1000. Reader and card detection/tracking.Requires OMNIKEY 5125, 5325, 5427 CK, 5127 CK,5326 DFR reader. 

 C# NIST PIV/DoD CAC, TSA TWIC card sample code – Detects PIV FIPS-201 card and reads its Card Holder Unique Identifier (CHUID) according to NIST SP800-73. Reads and displays FASCN, Expiration Date and GUID. PIN VERIFY with secure PIN entry (SPE) reader if available. Reads and displays printed information. Also supports DoD CAC and TSA TWIC. Reads and displays X509 Certificates. Reads and displays PIV card capability container. 

 C# sample code for German Geldkarte

 C# Sample code for German Health Insurance Card including MKT, KVK and eGK 

: C# Sample code for GSM SIM cards

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