.NET Library for Smart Chip Cards

Smart Card API for .NET – a few lines of C# or VB.NET code is all it takes to access smart chip cards. Our class library and helper classes come with C# and VB.NET sample code. Easy-to-use managed code supports contact and contactless chip cards on PCSC compatible smart chip card readers and chip encoders built into plastic card printers.

Fast Integration

SmartCard API class library supports .NET programming languages such as Visual Basic.NETVisual C#.

It exposes native, Windows smart card API (winscard.dll) through a set of managed, event-driven .NET classes.

  • card and reader tracking via events
  • managed PC/SC wrapper class
  • saves time and money

Free Trial SDK

Download your trial version now:

  • fully functional SDK
  • sample applications and extensive documentation.

Simple Licensing

Purchase of a software license grants Royalty Free usage and redistribution of runtime files with your software.

C# Source Code

Protect your investment: The complete C# source code for our core library smartcard.dll is available for purchase, too.

Storage Cards

Contact and contactless memory cards is supported.

Contactless: Mifare Classic, Ultralight,  DESFire EV1, iCODE, …

Contact: SLE 4442, AT24SCxx

Prox: HID Prox

Support for legacy HID iCLASS cards and iCLASS SEOS cards upon request.

Government Cards

Get started Government issued cards via both contact (ISO 7816) and contactless (ISO 14443, ISO 15693) interfaces using PC/SC-based industry standards compliant readers.

  • U.S. Gov. PIV card
  • U.S. Gov. CAC

Third-party APIs

There is a tendency away from proprietary, native APIs. We therefore integrate readers and cards on APDUs level whenever possible.

Limited support available for Identive’s MCARD API. Full support available for OMNIKEY SCARDSYN and German CT-API.

Maintenance and Support by CardWerk Technologies

We offer maintenance contracts, on site training and professional consulting services including smart card development services for iCLASS, DESFire EV1, SEOS, PIV card, Mifare, JavaCard, MULTOS and countless more chip card types. We can assist with any smart card you need.